6 months down and, my, how things have changed!


6 Months down!

It’s been a while since we last updated you (blog-wise) and, my, how things have so unexpectedly changed! We’re so thankful to all of you that are hanging in there with us. It’s been so wonderful to be part of a community that supports and cherishes each other.

You’re probably wondering what’s changed with us, the business and what we’re focusing on?

Firstly Tessa, Kathryn and I have been working hard to look at this in a positive light…every cloud has a silver lining! Running a store means a lot of time away from home so we’ve been enjoying spending more time around our loved ones (might be starting to become too much time!). Also, that thing we keep mentioning, self-care, we’ve all had more time to focus on this. Some of our fave me-time activities have been rediscovering the neighbourhood (think long walks, star gazing), at home workouts with roommates, practicing mindfulness/mediation and finally getting to the bottom of the washing basket!

With our physical doors temporarily closed (shop instore by appointment only), we’re taking this opportunity to focus on online. We’ve made changes to our website (including back-end), worked hard on creating new content and are continuing to bring more small Australian brands under our umbrella. What we’re most excited about is bringing you videos, Q&As and more from the designers behind our brands! Stay tuned for the first instalment from the Faid founders and our journey with the store thus far!


  All our love,