MEET THE DESIGNER - Tessa Boehm Founder of Boehm Intimates

Getting to know our Aussie designers!

Welcome to our first 'Meet The Designer' series, where you will get to meet the faces and minds behind some of the best Australian emerging brands.

First up, one of our own - Tessa Boehm!

Tessa Boehm
is the Founder of Boehm Intimates and Co-Founder of Faid Store. We had a little chat to Tessa about Boehm Intimates and her journey as a designer of her own hand made Aussie lingerie label. 

How did it all begin?
I honestly cannot remember a time where this wasn't my dream or goal. Having my own lingerie label was always on the cards it was just a matter of when and how. I actually had so many people growing up (including my highschool sweetheart of 10yrs) laugh at me when I told them that I wanted to be a lingerie designer. 

As a shy gal when growing up I always loved the way wearing nice lingerie would make me feel confident and empowered even if no one else saw it. This feeling stuck with me and was the ultimate motivation behind the brand.

Did you study design? Previous careers?
As far as previous careers goes I honestly feel like I have done it all, I have learnt so much from all my “stepping stone” jobs as I like to call them. I have always had the mentality that each chapter of your life is there to teach you something. So at times when I was wondering why I was working in a sales, hospitality or modelling career rather than on my brand, I would tell myself I am learning all the skills necessary to help me on my journey. I think without all these jobs and all the relationships and skills I have made along the way I would definitely not be where I am today. Modelling was definitely a huge highlight for me & inspiration when working closely with all different designers & creatives. I love hearing about journeys and I think from this it made me realise there is no particular path to take but your very own.

I grew up in Adelaide and there were not many options for me when it came to courses on learning lingerie, just a few swimwear making short courses that would cancel due to lack of interest. 

So in 2013 I decided to move to Sydney to pursue my goal. I had pre planned the move & enrolled myself in a fashion school but only in the stretch sewing section. I am not really sure how I managed to convince the school to let me in that section of the course but I did & I loved it. I think it was the third year of the course - so in the deep end, but that's how you learn best right?.

From that I kept practising over the years at various sewing classes around Sydney & home.

Where is your product made?
Everything is made in Sydney, Australia. I am still currently hand making all the intimates myself. However my luxury silk wear is made by a great family owned production company in Sydney, Australia. I choose all Sydney or Australian based fabric suppliers, pattern makers, cutters, machinists, photographers ect.

How is your label addressing ethics and sustainability in the industry?
We like to think of sustainability in every way possible. To us it is important to only create small production runs - to ensure we are not creating waste. To do this we only make limited numbers in each style & when they sell out we have set up as a “made to order” option.

We purchase small quantities of fabrics & are mindful of our placement when cutting. Our wastage for lingerie is usually only a small handful of threads and offcuts.  

Packaging is always important to us also - Whether it’s biodegradable satchels or wrapped up in paper we are trying our best to make sure we are consciously choosing the right options. 

We have switched to using friendlier fabrics where applicable. All of our lingerie gussets (inside lining of underwear) are made with bamboo cotton. Our luxury sleepwear is all made from 100% silk.

What is your favourite piece from your collection?
This is a hard one! My absolute favourite would have to be the first piece I ever made for Boehm Intimates. It was the “Curiosity” bralette. I have worn it to death even though it is actually two sizes too small. I actually sold out of it and realised I only had the sample left but manage to squeeze myself into it.

But now with my luxury silk sleepwear/outerwear pieces can be worn out I really do love my “Daydream” silk mid length slip dress. Another one of my favourite “firsts” the first silk slip for Boehm Intimates.

Check out the video below to hear more from Tessa Boehm!