Mind Your Wellness

We’ve been in iso for some time now so we thought it was about time for a self-care check-in! Firstly, give yourself a round of applause…yes you…you’re killing it! Iso isn’t easy and sometimes we forget to give ourselves a pat on the back for everything we achieve, big or small. So put your feet up, grab a coffee, wine, water whatever puts your mind at ease and have a read of our self-care, happiness inducing tips and tricks! We think you’ll find you’re doing more self-care than you realise!

#1 Light a Candle or incense

…because they smell pretty, fresh and help us relax! We love the sustainable candles from Ryan and Co. and the natural wood incenses from Subtle Bodies…

#2 Try something new…

We recently welcomed essential oil brand Alkimista to the Faid family and have found new and exciting ways to enjoy using these amazing products! Try them in a humidifier, mix with water and spray around the house, or, if you’re feeling creative, make a heat bag and add a few drops to the filling!

#3 Take a Bath

Time to take 5 and give yourself some space to clear your mind. Bring on the bath salts from Alkimista with an amazing blend of Himalayan and Epsom salts and infused with Australian certified organic Alkimista essential oils and dried botanical flowers.

#4 Moisturise

With the change in weather it’s important to keep that skin and hair hydrated! We can’t get enough of the face, hair and body oils from Recreation Beauty…

#5 Get Loud

Put on that tune that makes you wanna boogie and sing!  There’s nothing like letting that internal rock star out, whether you’re on key or not!

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