So how did we come to found Faid?


So how did we come to found Faid?
Kathryn and I founded and run the Australian-made, womenswear label, Cedar & Onyx. We met back in 2013 at fashion college but it wasn’t until a few years after college that we decided to launch the brand together. We’d both previously worked for other Australian designers and we’d always dreamed of doing our own thing. Working alongside each other at college meant that we’d already spent a lot of time together, so we had a little bit of an idea what we were in for. We launched Cedar & Onyx in 2017 and from there our journey into the world of small business began! We’ve learnt a lot, but our passions still remain; Australian Made, sustainable and ethical. We love networking, sharing ideas and being part of the Australian fashion industry.

Tessa launched Boehm intimates on May 5th, 2017, on the fifth anniversary of the loss of her mum. She has always been enthralled with the way lingerie can make you feel; how it can be something that no one else needs to see but because you’re wearing it you feel empowered. Originally from Adelaide, Tessa moved to Sydney to pursue her dream of running her own lingerie label in 2013.

Tessa, Kathryn and I eventually crossed paths at a fashion expo. It was quiet, so we spent the whole time getting to know each other. One of the things we talked about was wanting a destination where we could showcase our growing labels. From there we decided to look for a pop-up space and other small Australian labels to join us.

Looking for a pop-up space wasn’t easy; there were a lot of ‘almosts’. Eventually we opened our doors in The Rocks in August 2018.

(The original pop-up store @ The Rocks)

Our initial stay was 6 weeks, but we ended up staying for 10 months! That’s when we decided that we needed to make ourselves a permanent home and so Faid was born…and built with a lot of sweat and tears from us and our family members! Since we opened in Mid November 2019, our Faid family has grown to include over 30 Australian owned labels. We’ll be bringing you more on the people behind these brands soon…check back here or on the ‘gram!


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