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ntroducing Sarah J Curtis, an Australian luxury resort label that began with hats. Founded in 2013, the label has become the wardrobe essential for tastemakers, and influencers around the world.In Sarah’s own words “I saw that people were spending a fortune on their skin when all we really need to do is protect ourselves from the sun and it’s definitely cheaper to invest in a beautiful hat…to me it’s a no-brainer.”

The panama hat began as a simple, finely crafted straw hat, designed to combat the blistering Ecuadorian heat. Fast forward another century or so, and Kate Moss is wearing a designer panama hat down the red carpet.Sarah Curtis, pregnant with her second child, was diagnosed with melanoma thus requiring constant shade on her face. With over a decade of experience working in sales, marketing and product development, Curtis set out designing a range of unique hats. 

The venture combined her professional experience with her developed sense of style, producing men and women’s hats with a widened brim, to provide adequate shade from the harsh Australian sun.Renowned for her unique Panama hats, Sarah J Curtis works with traditional Ecuadorian artisans to source premium materials, including the toquilla straw, a favoured material of the traditional Panama. 

With an emphasis on simplicity and luxury, Curtis has developed headwear that will be celebrated all year round.

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