Alkimista is the creation of two friends, soul sisters and modern-day Alkimistas: Sara Capacci, Wellbeing Mentor & Natajsa Wagner, Psychotherapist.

With a shared love of essential oils, science and spirituality they wanted to create a range of products to support you in your practices of connection, self-care and personal ritual.

Alkimista essential oils are purposefully selected and set with specific intentions that are designed to enhance healing, wellbeing and transformation.

AOE is an extremely personal journey that has come to fruition through Designer Kerryn’s passion for travel, love of food, obsessive thirst to collect and curate beautiful objects, and her insatiable appetite to interact with and learn from others.  With a desire to create artisanal adornments through the revitalisation of traditional handmade techniques from around the world, each piece is a love letter to the modern woman. Ethically handcrafted and empowering women to sustain their timeless craft, Arms Of Eve chronicles a place, a time and a people. 


Australian Made Australian designed


By Boehm is an Australian boutique lingerie label full of passion, lust, and allure. Their striking line of intimates is tasteful but undeniably sexy. With cleverly named pieces like the “Easy Tiger” set or the “Pinot Noir” bralette and G-string, Boehm is for women who love feeling confident and sexy. With a close attention to detail and an eye for luxurious fabrics, the Boehm collection is affordable luxury for every woman. Sensuous fabrics like soft velvet, lace, and mesh glide over your skin light as air, while eye-catching strap detailing and elegant clasps take your boudoir seduction to new heights.
Understated luxury, natural fibres and clean lines are the embodiment of the Cedar & Onyx design ethos. By sourcing sustainable fibres and maintaining ethical manufacturing practices, Cedar & Onyx produce luxurious investment pieces that will become cherished parts of the Cedar & Onyx gal’s wardrobe.



Danielle is the designer and maker of Elle Maree Jewellery. 

During year 12 Danielle found a love in jewellery and the detailed craftsmanship behind it. In October 2019 she decided to turn her hobby into a business as has continued to grow ever since. 

Danielle makes all the pieces herself in Sydney and focuses on quality over quantity.  




Everyday Cashmere is an Australian company designing and producing cashmere and silk garments that make you feel special every day. Whether you are getting on a plane in one climate and off in another, working and living in air-conditioning, or just need something to ward off the cold and wind outdoors, their designs are sophisticated yet easy-to-wear wardrobe essentials.



Aspiring to declutter and simplify, Hills & West creates staple collections that caters to the busy lifestyles of the modern man and woman. Each collection offers Australian made, high-quality, unique and versatile leather companions, at attainable prices.



Phoebe is an environmental artist who uses an array of natural materials such as leaves, flowers, charcoal, raw pigments and wood to create artworks. She specialises in the process of 'botanical dye' where she steams flowers and leaves onto fabrics. Phoebe graduated her Visual Arts degree from Uni SA in 2013 and has gone onto build her own textile label 'HunterMade'. She holds private and public workshops, regularly exhibits artwork, creates bespoke orders such as the 'wedding scarfs' using event bouquets and writes + advocates for sustainability.



Founded by Isabelle Quinn, the name sake label is perfectly imperfect, just like the designer.

From making garments with her seamstress mother, Isabelle Quinn became an Australian womenswear label for the romantic, the unconventional and the carefree modern girl. Influenced by the independent, beautiful yet unassuming women around her, Isabelle Quinn delivers forward, wearable pieces that are ever so slightly undone, yet have both grace and guts.

From essential basics to key silhouettes, the IQ girl will wear it with nonchalance and a whole lot of heart.


Jasmine Alexa is a collection of elevated timeless pieces for the modern active woman allowing them to dress effortlessly and move freely through all elements in life. Designed by Jasmine in Melbourne, Australia the collection features sustainable and ethically produced garments. 


Ethically made in Melbourne from organic cotton and recycled materials. Keeper Denim create jeans that blur the lines between comfort, style and sustainability.



KJE ceramic wares are lovingly made by hand in Sydney, with no two pieces the same. Owner Karrah, creates with a focus on making pieces which are of equal 
beauty and function.



Love Isabelle Jewellery was founded in 2018 by self-taught jewellery designer and creator, Isabelle Sidd. At just 16, Isabelle launched her first collection exclusively online and has since released 4 seasonal collections. Curated from 14k gold filled and sterling silver pieces, Love Isabelle Jewellery aims to create everyday pieces with an eye for minimalistic and timeless designs that are handcrafted to order. Isabelles materials are ethically sourced from Italy, Spain and the USA and hand crafted in her Manly studio in Sydney. 

With quality in the tips of her very hands, she strives to create long-lasting and valuable pieces that can be cherished and kept forever. The Love Isabelle girl is strong, independent, chic and successful. She embodies all it is to be feminine. 


Add some colour and complete your look with the Miss Lippy statement hair clips. A stunning range of fun and playful styles to be worn with any outfit!



Ms Kensington does not follow trends but creates classic designs in natural fabrics such as silk - that last forever if treated with care. Luxury has to be unique and special – something rare that you can’t find anywhere else. Each collection features a silk print exclusively designed by Catherine - the label's founder, that tells a story, evoking the mood of a different city and the moment it is seeking to capture. 



A luxury Australian fashion brand combining modern nostalgia with independent style. Creating purposeful pieces with high quality finishes, the brand inspires a romantic view on fashion. encouraging it's wear to keep, care and treasure each piece. 

Australian born Creative Director Palmina Martin adopts a minimalist "buy only what you love or what you need" approach when it comes to her wardrobe. Having worked in fashion industry for 20 years, she reached a bitter-sweet paradox in her career, wanting to venture out on her own, but being uncomfortable with adding to the damaging impact that fashion has on the environment. Craving the need for meaningful fashion pieces with a more mindful approach to the environment motivated her to take on this new challenge. 


Designed in the laidback coastal town of the Gold Coast, Raie Eyewear sunglasses are made to contrast with the surface, they are made to be an extension of your expressive self and represent yourself in ray of light. Inspired by sun kissed silhouettes dancing between the sand & the sea, rekindling feelings of light summer breezes from far away vacations. 

Drawing on aspects of global fashion, art and youth culture Raie Eyewear Sunglasses are made to inspire a sense of fashionability and functionality with each wear. With the aim to look good while keeping your eyes protected Raie Eyewear category 3 CR39 UV400 shatter resistant lenses offers 100% UV protection, protecting your eyes from UVA and UVB radiation.
All Raie Eyewear sunglasses are made from 100% polished acetate. 


Born from a lifelong love of print, Rae26 embodies wear-anywhere, unique and seasonless style. Each piece is created from 100% silk in a limited edition run of no more than 26 to ensure our designs remain as unique as the women who wear them. We want Rae26 to be the first thing you reach for in your wardrobe and the last thing you could imagine parting with—heirloom pieces that will come to define your personal style.
All Rae26 prints are created in-house and are exclusive to us.
Inspired by art, vintage, or simply the world around us, all Rae26 prints begin as a hand rendered painting or drawing by our Founder in Sydney, Australia. The artwork is then transferred to the computer where it is adjusted and refined for printing on silk.



Recreation is an Australian-owned, all-natural fragrance house based in Sydney's Bondi Beach. Our philosophy means we don't use any chemicals in the preparation of our products, and as many ingredients as possible are organic. All ingredients are ethically-sourced. There are no animal products in our fragrances, which is unique (did you know that musk used to come from the gland of a male musk deer?). And definitely no  animal testing. At all.  

Recreation is all things fresh, fun, healthy, happy. Spray it all over because it will uplift your spirits as much as it does your soul. 


With a life long fascination with art, homewares and fragrances it was only a matter of time before Ryan & Co was founded. With a firm belief in caring for the environment, Ryan & Co's major consideration was to use a recycled but attractive product. After 12 months of trial and error, they are now producing a unique candle that is cruelty free, paraffin free and environmentally safe. Even the timber lids are handmade using reclaimed timber. 


 Silk Wolfe was created by Charis Uppal when she was working as an assistant buyer for an Australian womenswear boutique in the Sydney CBD. Charis wanted to create a timeless brand with pieces that were on trend but could also be worn again and again without going out of fashion. She also wanted Silk Wolfe to be a little fun as well, which is why every collection has an exclusive print.


Established in 2020, Sofia Irina is a Melbourne based attainable luxury fashion brand producing high end designs that are contemporary and timelessly elegant.

Their philosophy is built on offering high end craftsmanship by blending tradition and modern luxury to create products that remain true to the values of SOFIA IRINA.

With a blend of strong femininity, versatility and a take on timeless and modern, their designs are based on effortlessly wearable wardrobe pieces.

Sofia Irina's brand brings together beautifully tailored suiting complimented by luxurious fabrications, romantic silhouettes and occasional pieces with refined glamour.


Consciously designed sun essentials



Subtle Bodies is a range of products grounded in purity,
quality and tradition.

Based in Melbourne and reaching to locations around the world, we explore the woods and processes used in traditional, high grade incense. We share nature's raw materials and offer an exceptional, natural product - free of perfumes, oils and additives. 



Susan Driver draws inspiration from travel, art, fashion, architecture and beauty in everything.Within the collections are pieces drawn from a timeless elegance, to pieces with edge that seek statement dressing. Pieces that celebrate a woman with a confidence and comfort in her skin that shines.

Susan Driver exists for those who cherish and enjoy unique moments.Each piece is handcrafted with the individual in mind to create these moments in time.  Individuality and strength are embraced through the collections from the individual sourcing of metals and stones and realised in each and every piece.

Lovingly and meticulously made in studio, Yugar Australia.


100% natural, zodiac inspired tea blends, recyclable + biodegradable, ethically sourced. 



Twill & Tee designs clothes to last and founded on the belief that clothes can be created with both integrity and creativity. A love of cotton tees has been the starting point for a vision to create quality, long lasting, essential clothes for every day - the pieces you rely on.