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RECREATION BEAUTY - Call Me Venus (Rose Fragrance Oil 10ml)

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Light and lovely, this Recreation Beauty's fragrance is a whirlwind of cassis with rose, geranium and neroli, winding down with orris is for those who like their roses freshly picked. Straight out of the garden with visions of whirling winds and blowing petals. For those who believe in creating their own magical, scent-filled destiny. Believe in the romance of roses while revelling in the ultimate twist on the glorious bloom. 


Top: Cassis, lemon, peach

Heart: Rose, geranium, clary sage, neroli,

Base: Orris, Cedarwood


Treat yourself to a fresh twist on sublime rose.


A dry oil that immediately sinks into skin and won't mark clothes. Give it five seconds to dry and you're good to go.