RECREATION BEAUTY - Stardust (woody eau de parfum 50ml)

RECREATION BEAUTY - Stardust (woody eau de parfum 50ml)

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If you like woody/smokey scents, you will love this unisex fragrance by Recreation Beauty


This is no BS. This is pure stardust from the galaxy above 'cause no earth-made potion could make you feel so alive and sexy and confident and excited and free all at the same time. Believe in yourself and the universe’s power. She’s got your back. It starts wild and light, like you’re eating peaches and laughing, running along the sand ... and ends with a big, smoky bang in a starlit galaxy. Bask in the glow.  


Top: Orange, apple, thyme

Heart: Coriander, rose, lavender

Base: Moroccan cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, musk


When stars collide and create a woody-smoky bang